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Chattanooga, Tennessee is calling with the world’s fastest internet, IT training and tech jobs growing at high speed.

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Plugged in but not pretentious, Chattanooga has PC Mag and the tech world buzzing. Gig City locals are also talking about the first 25-gigabit network in the U.S. Chattanooga is a high-speed destination for tech companies and startups (think Silicon Valley with more mountains). Develop ideas at the Chattanooga Innovation District. Enter the field or sharpen skills with IT training at local colleges. Search opportunities below and connect with your calling in Chattanooga.

Software Developer

Average salary: $112,800

Average training time: Two years for a degree

Program for healthcare, logistics, and innovative industries in Chattanooga.

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Computer Support Specialist

Average salary: $58,400

Average training time: Six months for a certificate, two years for a degree

Get online with a support career at Chattanooga tech companies.

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Education & Training

Choose from 46 IT certificate programs at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Coursework is designed for those starting a job in tech or professionals upgrading skills for career advancement. Specialize in cloud computing, support, networking, security or gaming development. CompTIA certifications range from Cloud+ to advanced security practitioner. Prepaid vouchers for CompTIA exams are included in the cost of tuition. Depending on the program, certificates can be earned in as few as six months via remote learning.

UT Chattanooga also offers certificate programs in computer science. Students are prepared for careers in software development or web development via online courses. Java, C# HTML5 and Oracle SQL are among the options, with some programs requiring only six months for completion.

Land an in-demand position as a computer support specialist with a diploma from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. Graduating students are job ready for entry-level positions supporting computer systems, mobile devices and networks. Set up a local network, troubleshoot devices and learn about cloud computing. Tuition includes paid vouchers for the CompTIA A+ exam, and most students are able to start careers in one year.

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Innovation District

Tech engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators alike collaborate in the Chattanooga Innovation District. Ideas and ingenuity are developed with district resources. Among them, funding, networking, training, workspace and mentoring. Located on 90,000 square feet in downtown Chattanooga, the district is home to the Young Professionals Association, Urban League and various business accelerators, labs, creative spaces and cafes.

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High-Speed Internet

Gig City began in 2010 with no signs of slowing on the superhighway. Originally used by energy provider EPB to develop smart city technologies, Chattanooga’s citywide 25-gigabit network is a major draw for businesses, remote workers and let’s face it, everyone. Today, the city’s lightning-fast internet is the most pervasive and affordable service in the world.

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