Work-Based Learning

Learn how employers can partner with local schools to create strong work-based learning experiences

The Chamber of Commerce, Southeast TN Development District & Workforce Board, and Hamilton County Schools work to partner employers and schools in developing work-based learning opportunities.

The Work-Based Learning Continuum

Work-based learning aims to bridge the gap between high school and high-demand, high-skill careers in Chattanooga. The students’ classroom instruction is supplemented by any of the following work-based learning experiences: internships, apprenticeships, and paid work experience, to develop crucial skills for success in postsecondary education and future careers. High school juniors and seniors in this program can earn credit for their work-based learning experiences.

Paid Work Experiences

Students and companies partner to reinforce academic, technical, and employability skills through paid work experience. Prepared juniors and seniors may participate in “capstone” work-based learning experiences such as paid work experience for high school credit.

Local employers like Legacybox and Gestamp offer robust work-based learning programs, where students can complete high school while working part-time throughout their junior and senior years of high school.


An Apprenticeship is a work-based learning training program that is registered and validated by the U.S. Department of Labor. Registered apprentices have supervised on-the-job training, job-related education, and earn progressive wages through the duration of the program.

Apprenticeships are a foundational piece of Chattanooga’s talent development work. Registering an apprenticeship program can be supported by ApprenticeshipTN, the Southeast TN Development District, and Chattanooga State Community College’s Department of Workforce Development.