Future Ready Institutes

Learn more about partnerships with Hamilton County Schools

Hamilton County Schools is eager to partner with local employers looking to build a strong talent pipeline through career-focused Career & Technical Education.

Future Ready Institutes

Hamilton County Schools’ Future Ready Institutes are career-focused programs embedded in Hamilton County high schools. The purpose of these programs is to provide students with small learning cohorts that center on career-based teaching, with learning beginning in 9th grade. Future Ready Institutes’ principles include engaging instruction, partnerships beyond school, and a postsecondary jump start. The program is also supported by local businesses through internships, mentoring, job shadowing, equipment and much more. The Future Ready Institutes focus on a wide range of careers, from nursing to industrial manufacturing to forensic science.

Industries Supported

Future Ready Institutes are aligned with local industry demand and currently support the following industry clusters: Agriculture & Natural Resource Management, Architecture & Construction, Business Management, AV Technology & Communications, Education & Training, Health Sciences, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Law & Public Safety, Manufacturing, Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain.

How It Works

After establishing a formal partnership, the business organization will collaborate with the school in preparing students for a successful post-secondary life. Partnerships will vary, depending on the institute’s need and business’s interests and available resources.

The partnerships include activities like serving on the institute advisory board, providing curriculum advice, field trips to the business partner’s site, guest speakers, teacher externships, loaned classroom instructors, work-based learning placements, internships, or youth apprenticeships.

Employer Benefits

– Talent Pipeline Development

– Community Exposure

– Increased Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

– Immediate Workforce Support