Putting Your Health First

Chattanooga is on the rise as a premier health-focused city with excellent healthcare and wellness options.


Every day, Chattanoogans pour their hearts into making our city the best home it can be. Our city is full of go-getters who keep us strong and push us to grow. But we are only as strong, or as healthy, as our people. To keep our city running, we prioritize taking care of folks’ health and wellbeing with top-notch hospitals, trauma centers, family doctors, and alternative health options.

As our population climbs, so does our world-class health and wellness industry. Healthcare professionals and researchers continue to come to Chattanooga thanks to the volume and virtue of facilities, and a burgeoning community of people dedicated to taking care of themselves and others. Our regional healthcare employment numbers and wages surpass the national average, proving that our workers are also highly valued.

Major Hospitals

Thanks to our extensive network of 12 hospitals throughout Hamilton County, top-rated medical care is always in reach. CHI Memorial Hospital is consistently rated one of the best hospitals in the state. The Erlanger Health System and Children’s at Erlanger are the primary clinical training sites for students attending the University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga program. The Parkridge Health System is made up of five hospitals and one of the top-rated Emergency Room systems in the region—treating over 100,00 patients in the ER annually.

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Research and Development

Fueled by the top talent recruited to the University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga, medical research and development in Chattanooga keeps our city at the forefront of the medical field. We have expertly positioned ourselves at the corner of innovation and expertise—as some of the brightest and most passionate medical students and esteemed researchers work together to make our region healthier and safer. Some of the current research being done focuses on clinical trials drugs for neurology and cardiology, oncology, and emergency medicine. At the Erlanger Institute for Clinical Research, doctors and pathologists strive to improve medical care given to patients through clinical research and trials. By providing patients with the opportunity to try new treatments and supporting research associates, Erlanger pioneers new standards in the healthcare industry.


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Alternative Medicine

Looking to take a more natural approach to your health? We’ve got you covered! From Chiropractors, Holistic Doctors, Acupuncturists, and Wellness coaches, we are ready to walk with you on your health journey. The Wellness Corner works with a range of highly skilled professionals with knowledge ranging from wellness and nutrition consulting, pain management, physical training and therapy, counseling, internal medicine, aesthetician, midwifery, life coaching and more. They partner with other Chattanooga local businesses and facilities to ensure that patients are supported from all angles in their natural wellness regimen. Chattanooga Holistic Medicine combines yoga, targeted massages and physical therapy with functional medicine to support your health needs from the inside out. With services ranging from nutrition to acupuncture, commonly treated ailments include digestive disorders, pain, injury management, asthma, and fertility.

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