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Equal parts energizing and easygoing, Chattanooga, Tennessee is for the crafty, curious and constantly out there. Find your calling in Chattanooga.

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Point yourself to the crossroads of energizing and easygoing to find Chattanooga, Tennessee. Main streets meet mountains in Chattanooga, a changing East Coast city with classic character and unexpected energy. A mix of locals and transplants, Chattanoogans are crafty, curious and constantly out there. On the job or off the beaten path, find your calling in Chattanooga.


Explore Our Region

Find out what each of our unique communities has to offer, from bustling downtown districts to scenic rural landscapes. Whether you prefer fast-paced city life or a laid-back atmosphere, Chattanooga has it all.


Live the Lifestyle

Upbeat and laid back, Chattanooga offers the unexpected. Think of us as re-inspired, not reinvented. All the culture, character and mountain views, with new neighborhoods, a culinary scene and craft brews.


Make an Impact

Forty hours a week, part time or startup hustle, Chattanooga locals are full-time go getters. Auto makers to tech shakers, we roll up our sleeves and get the work done. Office optional? We have the resources for remote work life. New job or new skills… choose your calling in Chattanooga.


Connect Like Nowhere Else

Pardon the #humblebrag. The first U.S. city with a 10-gigabit network, Chattanooga has the world’s fastest internet. Tech companies and plugged-in professionals are moving at high speed in the tech town known as Gig City. Make your connection in Chattanooga.


Plan on Adventure

Hang time looks different in Chattanooga. Sometimes it’s in a glider, other times off a mountain. Extreme or extremely mellow, whitewater rafting or drafting on a group ride, find the hangout you love and the one that gets your heart racing in our great(er) outdoors.


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