Supply Chain Analyst

A critical link in our Transportation and Logistic Sector

Be the link between makers and the market when you train and work as a supply chain analyst in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Called to Coordinate in Chattanooga

With access to one third of the country, Chattanooga is a nucleus for manufacturers across industries. Supply chain analysts in Chattanooga are needed now to manage the shipping process from makers to market. Supply chain training prepares individuals for work at a logistics company. Others open their own supply chain company. Both options often offer the flexibility of a remote workplace. Learn more about a supply chain analyst career and coordinate your calling in Chattanooga.

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Chattanooga State Community College

Supply Chain Management Fundamental

  • Learn what it takes to be a successful supply chain manager. This course will prepare you for internationally recognized certification examinations by teaching you how to create demand forecasts, develop schedules, manage inventory, control production orders, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Course requirements: 24 hours

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

APICS Certification Review Courses

  • The APICS CSCP Certification Review Course prepares individuals for the CSCP Certification and provides them with a broad and strategic outlook of supply chain management. Participants will gain strategies and skills to effectively manage external operations and the extended supply chain. Explore courses and requirements in the link above.
  • Course requirements: 13 weeks per course

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

  • Earn a post-bac certificate in logistics and supply chain management to kick-start your career in this crucial industry. Individuals will be admitted to the Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management if they either save a bachelor’s degree and significant related professional experience and are approved by the Engineering Management Graduate Committee; or meet the admission requirement of the Graduate School as stated in the Graduate Catalog, are admitted to the Engineering Management graduate program.
  • Course requirements: 12 hours
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Because of extraordinary access to markets, many of the top transportation and logistics are located in Chattanooga.

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